Words vs. Actions

Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.

– Henri Louis Bergson

Realistically, blogs are a pretty mildly used form of communication; people just type away whatever is going through their mind and expect individuals to read it.  While some of these online diaries have cult-like followers, it leaves the question ‘who really cares about all of the other ones?’

Public transportation….you’ve got a bunch of strangers crammed into a container with wheels, all associated simply because they have a destination somewhere along that route.  Some people know each other and chat away.  Others know each other only by proximity.

There’s the verbal question about the seats availability, the eye contact, the introductory touching of the legs….and immediately following is the avoidance of any unnecessary form of verbal, visual, and/or physical contact.  The extent to which verbal communication is avoided is somewhat troubling; avoiding eye contact, pretending to text on your phone, staring at the floor, getting off a stop early, eyes glazed over and aimed at the window….ironically you’re still sending messages to the people around you.

And yet this atmosphere of disinterest has become the norm, excused partially by the gadgets of the past few decades, making you the odd one out if you happen to strike up a conversation with your newly met neighbor.

Go be that odd one out, take the initiative to reach out and meet someone new, it feels pretty great.

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