In a nutshell….

….life is all about communication.  Think about how much we experience during a typical day, one way signs, facial expressions, advertisements, texting, newspapers, phone calls, Tim Horton’s drive thru boxes, facebook posts, ASL conversations, emails, lectures, etc.  The list is  incredibly long for just one day; but the most important type you’ll experience among those is interpersonal.

Interpersonal communication occurs between between two  or more people who have interacted for a long period of time, have noticeable patterns within their interactions, and are dependent on one another in some manner.  Aka friends, parent and child, dating couples, co-workers….

This is important because humans are a social species, so just as food, water, and shelter are needed for survival, strong social connections are also necessary.  Without these, there are associated high stress factors involved that have been proven to exist through various studies.  These stresses on the body result in physical risks equivalent to poor diets, lack of exercise, or years of smoking.  And there are also various mental health issues attached as well, including depression and anxiety.

From this perspective, it’s obvious why we’re all so addicted to the social media.  Facebook, Twitter, and the older MySpace all satisfy this social communication requirement to a certain extent, but a question to ask ourselves is why do we need this interpersonal crutch?  What is missing from our normal interactions that had been satisfied in the past?

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